Anti Trafficking in Persons

MrLiveCamhas a zero-tolerance policy regarding any MrLiveCam employees, consultants, volunteers, or third party, or any person who works with MrLiveCam in any country and at any level engaging in any form of trafficking in persons or forced labor.

This compliance plan conforms to our funders’ requirements and establishes MrLiveCam’s procedures for preventing trafficking in persons through awareness, reporting, recruitment and wage plans, housing plans, and sub-award and Country Office compliance.

Awareness Efforts
MrLiveCam’s Combating Trafficking in Persons Policy (policy) reflects all of the requirements stemming from our contractual and ethical obligations to the people we serve. The policy includes all of USAID’s Anti-Trafficking Provisions, the U.K. Government’s Modern Slavery Act requirements, actions MrLiveCam may take against employees or others who violate the policy, and procedures for reporting and investigating violations. The policy has been incorporated into MrLiveCam’s Code of Ethics.

All MrLiveCamstaff have been informed via email of the trafficking-related prohibitions and actions that will be taken for violations. All MrLiveCam staff have access to our policy, plans, and related materials on our intranet and through posters and informational sheets in all field and headquarters offices.

MrLiveCamconducts compliance training for all staff approximately annually and new staff is hired throughout the year as a component of MrLiveCam’s Code of Ethics training. This training certifies that staff understand trafficking issues and agree to comply with the policies, procedures, and principles of MrLiveCam’s Combating Trafficking in Persons Policy, including the reporting any violations of which they are aware. Such compliance training is targeted and customized for various corporate and field offices as appropriate for the nature and scope of the activities to be performed.

Reporting Process
All MrLiveCam staff have a responsibility to report, without fear of retaliation, any activity that violates the Combating Trafficking in Persons Policy to their country director, deputy director, chief of party, HR director, or other appropriate authority. In addition, staff may report through the Global Human Trafficking Hotline via telephone (1-844-888-FREE) or e-mail. MrLiveCam staff is encouraged to consult the above-mentioned points of contact if they are uncertain whether a specific action would be in violation of the Combating Trafficking in Persons Policy.

For more information about Human Trafficking, and the definitions can be found at