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10 Common Questions

When you start out as a cam performer, there are some questions that we are regularly see being asked on communities. People sometimes have moments of doubt and it's legitimate to ask questions. So let's go through the 10 common questions that everyone faces when deciding to become part of this industry. 

  • #1: How can I stay anonymous? Should I hide my face?
    Staying anonymous can be a real desire when you don't want to be recognized. Cam shows are all about showing your body and face. Most models create a pseudo name and you can block users with IPs from your country to find you online. Feel free to use makeup and or wear a wig when possible.
  • #2: What is the procedure for a webcam session?
    The process is quite simple. When you log on to your platform, you will appear as "Online". Users can see that you're online and come to chat with you. They can also offer you tips and virtual gifts according to their affection for you. We advise you to always let your fans know verbally that you are about to broadcast, some sites offer notification tools to your followers.
  • #3: My income isn't high enough. How can I earn more?
    Your income can be impacted by different factors per platform. Do you stream long enough on the platform? What types of shows fit your performance style? What are more successful models doing? Do I have the right stream attitude? You might be making some common beginner errors that could be avoided. The most important thing is that you do what gives you pleasure, a happy model is a model that converts.
  • #4: What are the payment options?
    You have several options for receiving your payments. There is Paxum, Bankwire, Epayservice,, Revolut, BitSafe and MasterCard Debit Card. Webcam sites are always adding payment options and expect a few new ones in the near future. If you need a more specific way to get paid, contact the support of the site you work for and ask for it. It is in the best interest of a webcam site to make sure you are paid as fast and possible!
  • #5: Will I always need a platform?
    Going freelance will probably be quite expensive. You will be required to invest a large amount of time and money upfront. It may take years to be profitable, if ever. Platforms take a part of your income but for a good reason. They give you access to well-developed tools, access to an established user pool, and execute safety protocols. When you join a platform as a model you can also join it as an affiliate and increase your earnings drastically!
  • #6: How to avoid clients who just want to chat?
    Well, your time is money. So if you spend all your time just chatting you won't make any money without 'tips'. Even if they are nice, push them smartly to spend their money with you. While users are able to log on without paying, the ultimate goal is to get them to 'spend' on you. This is an ever-lasting challenge and can be difficult for some performers, especially when there are language barriers. But realize this, when they are in your room, they might be ready to spend, they just wait for that unique moment to make it happen. In most cases, people underestimate the power of free users, these are users who have already been through a free signup process, so they are already halfway the process of doing the first transaction.
  • #7: What is the best time to start streaming?
    The best time to stream is when you are able to do so. It is important to know your audience's peak times as well. Many countries in Europe experience nightfall when it is still daytime in the United States. It is best to be online when most of your fans are free from work. Please tell your fans when you will be online using our various user retention tools. Leaving a schedule on your profile can be very useful, however, keep in mind that you print the schedule in your timezone, and tell them from what zone you work.
  • #8: How can I have confidence in myself when I go for it?
    You're just starting but you're hesitant and shy. You may lack confidence in your shows and some users may want to take advantage of you. Some webcam sites have an "Only Chatting" category for beginners that want to build confidence with their streaming tools before going to other categories. Join some webinars or seek advice from fellow webcam models. Experience comes with trying. Little by little, you'll find the confidence that you lacked at the beginning. In many cases, it takes a few nice chats at the beginning for a performer to become more used with the situation, the tools, the buttons, the screens!
  • #9: Why am I asked to scan my ID card when I sign up?
    Simply put, web-cam platforms are only for adults. Platforms want to make sure that you're not underaged and it's legal for you to use the site. Becoming a webcam model is only for adults and to be consumed only by adults. Every webcam site has a report option in case you feel that the age is not correct. You are always thanked by the site for sharing your worries to make the site a safe place for people.
  • #10: I don't think I'm really beautiful. Can I become a cam model anyway?
    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You'd be surprised by the diversity on all platforms. In your doubt, others will see mystery and intrigue. Take the time to look your best and success will follow. In many cases, members are not only searching for a sexy performer with a perfect body, in most cases, the intellect also needs to be taken care of too, here is where your personality comes in and can bring you huge advantages. Sometimes words have more effect than expected!
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