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Flirt4Free Needs Webmasters

The most successful and well-established affiliate programs in the industry.
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We understand webmasters, and we will cherish them!

Flirt4Free is successful cause of her live cam models, and we have some of the hottest and known names in the live cam industry. We understand that these cam models have to convert your traffic into revenue, there is this undeniable invisible relationship between webmasters and models and it has always been like this. We are aware you want to see good models converting your traffic, you will not have to fear sending it to an empty room or to models who are not willing to work for the money. We fully agree you have expectations and our team is in continuous contact with her models to assure quality is being delivered and your paycheck is growing bigger and bigger.

We have more than just a few tools

We have received tons of feedback throughout the years from webmasters, requests for certain tools and scripts, and we have always considered the feedback of essential value. When 1 webmaster comes with a perfect idea for a tool, it will serve every webmaster, we are a community of money-making people and your voice is important to us. We will list a few of our tools, but there is so much more!

  • White labels, a very sophisticated system, very efficient.
  • Live Streaming Video Adds, for our TUBE webmasters!
  • iFrame Generators, for mobile or desktop
  • Mobile Tools for a complete handy experience!
  • API's, for those who want to build their own site
  • Landing pages, for the SEO webmasters!
  • and so much more... just join and pick your desired tool!

The programs we offer 

We offer a Revshare partnership, this can be very profitable for the long-term webmasters who have established branded websites online. You will have Whales and HighRollers, and as long they keep on spending you will keep on earning. No extra work, just reap the fruit of your traffic investments with F4F. And to top it off, you can also earn a recurring 50% on all VIP Memberships!

A few last words

Affiliates, big or small, we all are working towards the same goal, sending traffic to the models so they can keep converting your visitors into paychecks. The concept is beautiful, with original content every day, no day a model is the same, and maybe people appreciate an emotional connection more than just wanking off on videos. Live cams are more intense, more personal, and we actually see members falling in love with our models. You can be the one sending the whales without knowing, you could wake up on a certain day seeing a possible new life coming racing towards you! Revshare Is the way to go when you want to earn long-term with us!

Hope to send you soon your first paycheck!

Team Flirt4free

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