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Freemium or Premium

First of all, you have to understand that there are two site concepts, so to speak. You have what is called the “Premium” live cam site and the “Freemium” live cam site. It is not that one is better than the other and no, there is no “best” live cam site. Some work for one, and some work for the other.

The difference between a Freemium and Premium live cam site, in general, is that a Freemium site works with tipping tokens, i.e. you perform for a lot of people for “free” and you get tips from the people in the cam room. A Premium live cam site, generally doesn’t allow nakedness in the open free chat, but you can take somebody private and then they pay per minute or per session.

Some sites pay you 30 percent, some pay you 80 percent. However, don’t focus solely on the percentage. Sites that offer a lower percentage often have better traffic (i.e. more customers coming your way). When you get 80 percent but no customers, you still have nothing.

That said, freemium sites usually have a higher payout percentage, but your income might vary more than on a premium site. But, when you hit big on a freemium site, the sky is the limit since you won’t have the “set” rates per minute you will find on a premium site.

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