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Privacy and Safety Tips!

All these tips and comments have been shared by models in various communities. We have taken a few days time to read through all and have highlighted the tips and comments that are extremely valuable. We share 15 very important tips here, they should help you to prevent yourself from getting into a lot of trouble.


  1. I don't care how much you trust your clients, DO NOT use Paypal. You can and will get your account frozen and lose funds. The client will charge it back after the show and in return, your account will be closed and all money is lost.  Remember that PayPal uses your real name and personal information. So just don't use it.
  2. If you don't want your friends and family to find out you're a camgirl, work on sites where you can block certain countries/cities. Also make sure that you do not advertise your business in the local newspaper, just saying. However, keep in mind, blocking is not 100% safe, a VPN browser will eliminate your privacy again. So be warned!
  3. If you have an iPhone or smartphone disable geolocation on pix and whatnot. Otherwise, you are just telling everyone where you are. And that would not be a safe thing.
  4. Don't ever click ANY link that a member sends you. By doing this, you can reveal your I.P. address and therefore your exact location. So when he wants to send you a voucher and you have to click, he might as well hosts that page on his own server and track you instantly.
  5. Don't wear the same outfits or accessories you cam in when you leave your home, this tip is for performers working in a cam studio in a busy location. Mind your privacy, and mind the way you look at the details.
  6. Do NOT lead men on. Don't even say "maybe" we can meet. It will prolong their obsession and may turn dangerous. Some performers do think this is the only way to seduce guys, but you are only attracting problems by doing this. Also, the website you work on can receive a complaint from this member, and it might put your account in danger.
  7. Don't use images on your cam profiles that are on personal pages you don't want users to find. Images can be searched to see EVERY place they've been posted online. Only use "cam" images for webcam profiles.
  8. Never tell your real name. The trouble is not worth it.
  9. Be careful with your wish list. If you are worried about your info getting out ask for gift cards instead.
  10. If you're going to sell your phone number, use a pre-paid phone or a separate line for dealing with customers only. Google voice plans can also offer you different area codes than where you live.
  11. Don't be afraid to report abuse on cam sites!
  12. If you live in a city where the buildings would be recognizable be careful about closing your blinds and where you cam if you prefer your private life to remain private.
  13. Do not forget that customers can record your shows, so from time to time just google your name to see if there are recorded videos of you and send DCMA to sites to take them down.
  14. Always check, and recheck, regularly check your privacy and security settings on the site you are working on. Sometimes things don't save properly, or things get overlooked. Better safe than sorry.
  15. Even if you are a full-time cam model you NEED vacation, a break, time for yourself. Include those into your schedule, relax and have fun with your family/friends/animals or your fav hobby. Take care of yourself, it will keep you motivated.
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