Tips and Tricks

We will place tips and tricks for you here. This might help you on your way to finding answers or a certain direction in this industry. A as live sex cam performer you will read here about the things that others have applied to their work. Sharing is caring!

  • When you go live, tell your audience what to expect from today’s show.
  • Inform on social media 1 hour before you go online. Post a teasing picture.
  • During your hours on free chat promote your social media. Build a following.
  • You can become an affiliate with all sites you work on as a model.
  • Keep your lighting optimal. It is what makes out the quality of your streaming.
  • Don’t answer freeloaders who ask suggestive questions.
  • Ask free guests to sign up for your room. If not you can ban them.
  • Don’t repeat show themes, stay original.
  • Friendships are overestimated, and loyalty is underestimated.
  • Make noted in a PM for yourself about special clients.
  • Learn to remind things of people who are kind to you.
  • You are not a prince or princess, no matter what people tell you.
  • There is no time and space to be pretentious unless people ask you for that.
  • No one is obligated to help you with revenue. Do not beg online!
  • You are an independent person, that is how people see you. Act like it!