Website House Rules.

All content used on MrLiveCam is owned and licensed by MrLiveCam. Your DMCA has no base here. All the advertisement material on this website is provided by the Affiliate Programs of the providing Platforms. Videos and Streaming Content going to 3rd party domains are not owned by us. All the Exclusive Content, pictures and movies, located on our domain, are owned and licensed to MrLiveCam. All the Webcam Streamings are licensed to us through Feel free to sign up as a webmaster and become an official partner.

House Rules for the forum are based on logic. No Discrimination, No Intimidation. Anyone breaking the rules will be banned on a server level, meaning your ISP info, and everything collected will be added to our firewall, this results in not seeing the website in her entire shape at all.

Claiming free fan accounts for our Live Cam Girls is something we have no control over. You can take as many as you wish, we would probably never find out. However, to spend on the cams, you need a credit card. And it so happens that no one has a unlimited amount of those, so when you are disrupting the models on the platform, your credit card info will be banned, so you can always watch but never enter the store anymore. Boohoohooo.