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Introduction Strip Chat The Platform

The platform is one of the most popular and successful recent international cam sites. The site (with the same parent company as xHamster) was launched in 2016 and has since then quickly become a very well-known cam site. Stripchat works with a freemium concept and there are over 3500 models online at the same time on a regular day. With 80 million visits per month the site has grown rapidly and it is not surprising that Stripchat has won multiple awards, like Cam Site of the Year and Cam Company of the Year.

Join as a model or as a Studio! Work @ Strip Chat

Becoming a Strip Chat model or member is quick and easy. As a member, you have several options available. First, since the main concept of Strip Chat is freemium, you have the Public Chat. Here models can receive tips from members. As a model, you can set goals or an Epic goal. The last one is a goal that is also available when you are offline.

Adult Webmasters Send us your Traffic

Stripchat offers a competitive and attractive commission structure for webmasters who refer traffic to the site. The platform provides generous payouts and revenue share models, ensuring webmasters can earn substantial income from their referrals. Strip chat boasts a large and diverse global audience.

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The Earnings and Perks

Stripchat offers attractive earnings and perks for cam models, making it a rewarding platform to work on. Here are key aspects of earnings and perks on Strip chat:

  1. Competitive Earnings:Strip chat provides models with a substantial income. The platform offers a fair commission percentage, ensuring models receive their share of earnings.
  2. Multiple Revenue Streams:Models can earn through live cam shows, private shows, viewer tips, selling digital content, and receiving virtual gifts. This variety maximizes income potential.
  3. Tokens and Cashouts:Users purchase tokens to interact with models. Models can convert tokens into real-world currency and cash out. Flexible payout options include direct deposit, wire transfer, ePayments, and Paxum.
  4. Model Bonuses and Contests:Strip Chat organizes contests, rewarding models based on performance and viewer engagement. Participating can boost income and recognition.
  5. Privacy and Control: Models have control over broadcasting schedules, rules, and region access. Stripchat prioritizes privacy and security.
  6. Support and Guidance:Stripchat offers comprehensive support, assisting models with inquiries. Resources and guidance help optimize earnings and performance.

Strip chat provides attractive earnings potential, multiple revenue streams, a fair commission, and bonus opportunities. Models have control, privacy, and access to support. Join Stripchat for a rewarding camming experience.


What is Stripchat? has established itself as one of the premier cam sites in the industry, offering numerous advantages that make it an appealing platform for cam models. Here are some key reasons why Stripchat stands out as an excellent choice for cam performers. First and foremost, prioritizes the well-being and success of its models. The platform provides a supportive and inclusive environment, ensuring that performers feel safe and comfortable while expressing their creativity. The site actively promotes model empowerment and encourages performers to set their own boundaries and rules. offers a high level of visibility and traffic, making it easier for models to attract a large audience. With a vast and diverse user base, the potential for generating substantial earnings on the platform is significant. The site also provides various tools and features that allow models to enhance their performances and engage with viewers effectively.

One notable feature of is the ability to implement interactive toys. Models can connect their toys to the site, allowing users to control them remotely, creating an immersive and interactive experience. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement for both models and viewers.

The platform also offers flexible payout options and competitive commission rates, ensuring that models are fairly compensated for their work. Stripchat provides different methods for cashing out earnings, making it convenient and hassle-free for models to receive their payments. her user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it easy for models to manage their profiles and interact with viewers. The site provides a range of customization options, allowing performers to personalize their profiles and showcase their unique brand. Moreover, Stripchat offers strong customer support, ensuring that models receive timely assistance whenever needed. The support team is responsive and dedicated to addressing any concerns or inquiries promptly.

In conclusion, Stripchat’s commitment to model empowerment, high visibility, interactive features, competitive payouts, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support contribute to its reputation as one of the best cam sites to work on. With its focus on creating a positive and lucrative experience for models, Stripchat provides a platform where performers can thrive and build a successful career in the cam industry.

Source: Stripchat @ Tjeezers