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Elisa Vite produces every Sunday evening a new episode.

Clinical Sexologist (and former cam model), Elisa Vite creates open, sex-positive discussions on a variety of sexy topics.  Elisa answers your most curious, burning questions, chats with guests, and gives insight into how sex can go from good to great. Her first segment “The seven sins” is online now, and Elisa is working on new episodes for the live cam industry. Come back every Sunday to her Podcast page and enjoy Elisa her playful curious mind and join her on this journey into the live cam industry world.
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Ellie Jean
Yasemin Quinn
Rube Cross
Danika Patrick
Jessie Bree

Special live cam model of the year

I am Ellie, a simple lady you might say, all until you get to know me for real. I love being admired and craved for, it makes me feel complete, useful and it helps me discover my sexuality. Exploring myself through new experiences gets me to know the real taste of the world, makes me feel like a real woman, but for this, I need to meet the right person, the one I can share the same vibe with. I need the right Mister in my Room!

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