Live Sex Glossary

Affiliate Program
An affiliate program provides you the ability to send traffic to their products using their tools and promo items to track campaigns and generate sales. is a good example of a program that works with active affiliates to grow their site. You need to own a website to become an affiliate. You can do this by purchasing a domain name and connecting it to adult-friendly hosting. The affiliate program will provide you with customized links and tools that you can use on your website.
This is an acronym for Beautiful Agony. In this setting, the performer will only focus the camera on their face during a masturbation session. The orgasm, the actual climax, will only be visible by facial expressions.
Cam 2 Cam is a feature on most live sex websites. There is a possibility for a visitor to show his webcam in real time to the performer. This can increase the intensity of the chat, and enhance the feelings. The option is exclusive, and not everyone is a fan of being intimate online. In most cases, there is an additional fee charged to show his webcam feed to the performer.
Cam Model
a performer, who does pornographic modeling or webcam streamings and shows sexually explicit material live on the internet in exchange for money, as in a chat room or by appointment with freemium and premium customers. A cam model can work on a website to show her webcam live in real-time, but she can also be on a website where she sells shows recorded by the webcam, like FansOnly. A Cam model is mostly independent, makes its own schedule, and maintains its own equipment. Cam models can be seen on 1 or more sites at the same time. They have the technical options to multi-task on various (adult) websites and increase their earnings by sharing their webcam stream availability with cam split software. Cam models have to have the legal age to perform online.
This event occurs when a valid user of a live sex site is initiating a process to have his spent money refunded. By law, all the live cam platforms have procedures for this. They are bonded by contracts made by the billing solutions that provide them the means to have credit card users spending on their webcam platform. The time a person has to initiate a chargeback. The legal minimum time limit for filing a chargeback in the United States is 60 days, and most banks give cardholders 120 days to dispute a charge. Depending on the live sex cam site policies, the money could be deducted from the performer’s account. Some sites cover chargebacks, meaning the cam performer does not have to cover the refund. Other sites do not cover chargebacks, meaning that cam performers may not be paid, and the amount will be deducted from the next payout when the chargeback appeared a full period after previously received payment. Long story short, no one likes a chargeback.
This is a person that is not planning on spending a dime ever in his life on any of the free adult webcam rooms on the sites. Freeloaders have no intention to communicate, they behave like a ghost in the room. They are visible as freeloaders by color or uncustomized chat alias. They do not have any form of payment method stored online to make a purchase.
Freemium is a term that is used for Live cam sites where the rooms are free to see, but the interaction is limited. Freemium sites in most cases ask for email signup. Once you verified this, you can create your own Chat Name. However, to use premium features on the live cam site, like ordering certain acts from a performer, going into a Private (groups) show, or using the messaging systems, you would need to add “tokens” to your account. When you are a verified freemium user you will have options to chat with the model. However, the contents of the conversation will be non-sexual. A famous Freemium site is Chaturbate. They started in late 2010 and changed the landscape of the Live Cam Industry. Freemium is in contrast to premium cam girl sites where you don’t see anything except tease for free.
GEO Blocking
Live Sex Performers have the ability to block countries from accessing their webcam rooms. However, this feature is completely useless for visitors who use VPN software. There is absolutely no guarantee that GEO blocking will work. There is premium and freemium VPN software available.
Gamification is adding game mechanics into nongame environments, like a live sex website, online community, learning management system, or business intranet to increase participation. The goal of gamification is to engage with consumers, affiliates, and performers to inspire collaboration, sharing messages, and increasing interaction. In the live cam industry, is the first Freemium live sex site that is promoting the Gamification concept. Statistics have proven that Gamification can increase micropayment spending yielding a larger return over a longer period of time. The success of adding gamification goes parallel with a number of models online and the daily bookmark traffic. High Visitor return results in more engagement on the website.
Live sex
Sex without having to be physical with the person in 1 room and with communication by a device and communication in real-time is called Live Sex. Whether it is done by webcam, VR glasses, or any other device where you are digitally connected, live sex embodies the true meaning of sex without physical touches or exchange of fluids. There are sex toys that enhance the feeling. They can be connected to a PC or a Mobile phone to make the remote connection possible. The term Live Sex will have a large and wider meaning over time. New ideas, new technologies, and creative people will drive the meaning of Live Sex to a more fulfilling experience.
Pay Period
The pay dates are in general on the 1st of the month and the 16th of the month. However, many sites offer daily payout options as well. In case minimum earnings have not been made, earnings will transfer to the next period. Pay Periods are easy to customize when you contact your support manager.
Phone Sex Operator
Phone sex operators are persons who are providing sexual services by the use of the phone. In the early ’90s these services took off and countries like The Netherlands and The United States turned it into a billion-dollar business. Revenues a phone sex operator can generate are through voice conversations, text messaging, and subscriptions. Many content platforms where performers can sell videos and pictures are offering this extra feature to their users to become a Phone Sex Operators. Sex over the (mobile) phone by voice remains an incredible populate product in the adult industry.
Physical Studios
These are actually properties, physical locations, a glamourized interior, and all the facilities available for a performer to do his work properly. These facilities are excellent if you like to keep your job private, do not wish to work from your own home, or do not have the financial tools at hand to buy the proper equipment. Lack of experience can be a reason too. Every studio offers training and courses on how to perform efficiently and be profitable for yourself and the studio. Earnings made in a studio will be shared with the studio. The average is 50/50 with bonus programs to end up with a higher cut. Some studios pay up to 80%, but in return, you have to deliver many working hours and a decent number of sales.
Premium live cam sites offer you an exclusive 1 on 1 experience behind a closed door. Premium access to live cam sites is referred to as Private Shows. As soon you will enter a performer in her premium room, you will have exclusive access to her PC. She will be put on PAUZE on the site so other people will not be able to see or hear anything of this premium experience you have. Premium sites can work with tokens, but in general, they are paid by the minute. Show tariffs start from 0.99 cents. When you disconnect the show the payment stops also. A good example of a premium site is
Referral programs
Live Cam Sites want you to bring your fans from other cam sites to them, especially the ones who have no account with where you bring them to. Models can use a special link to earn a commission on the fans they brought to their room. These are called referral links. If you refer a paying person to your room by using your own marketing, then you are entitled to a commission.
A token is an object that represents something else, such as another object (either physical or virtual), or an abstract concept as, for example, a gift is sometimes referred to as a token of the giver’s esteem for the recipient. On the Live Cam platforms, tokens are the currency. The average value of a token is 0.10 cents. The tokens have no value outside the website. You can not transfer them to other users. Most live cam websites offer a discount when buying tokens in a larger package. Cherry.TV offers discounts for loyal spenders!
Traffic is your stream of visitors that enter and leave your room. Groups of people together who are single-minded going to your room are part of a traffic stream. Traffic is commonly generated by Webmasters, Ad Networks, Media Buyers, etc. Lots of people who have access to traffic streams can act as a middleman. They will affiliate with big websites with content that converts well for them. Live cams are one of those products cause it always changes and the expectation of the users is more personal and does not depend on liking a certain sex movie or not. Traffic is expensive, and hard to get by. You have to work for it. In general, more than 40% of internet traffic is bot traffic.
Tube Traffic
This is traffic that comes from the Video Player Page your video is hosted on. Mostly 3 banners on the right side. 1 Banner under the video. Tube traffic can be generated when live sex cam performers upload their own content to a certain tube sex site and want clicks in return. Tube traffic conversion rate is extremely low. But it can help to boost productivity on a website.
Virtual Studios
These are recruiters who act as an independent studio, but are not. They are adding minimal value to the industry, mostly related to a daily payout structure, but even those services are now offered by the cam sites themselves when you directly signup as a model. Virtual Studios do not offer any information, training, or hardware. They will take a cut from your earnings, and send you an invoice they generated after taking yours. Many performers warn each other in forums and communities to avoid working with Virtual Studios because of the commission’s they charge for doing nothing.
The Live Community “WeCamgirls” houses many of the live cam icons active in the live cam industry. You can find here for example the profile of “Tjeezers” one of the webmasters who does dedicate his time to helping anyone who needs it. Or Zuzana from She is an expert in the live cam industry and officially represents the model worldwide and helps out where she can. She is offering dedicated support for the best top models 1on1 for Cherrytv, she creates winners. You can also see many other helpful items on WeCamGirls. Tips, tools, and help articles.
Webcam Sex Show
A Webcam sex show is a live performance that features one or more performers engaging in some form of sexual activity on stage or in a room for the entertainment or sexual gratification of the visitors who are watching. Performers are paid by credits or tokens the visitors buy on the website. They receive a commission from the website in the form of money paid out. Webcam Sex Shows are available on websites that focus on the adult audience. They are very popular since 2010 cause of the increase in mobile devices and the improvement in internet speed world wide.
Webcam Streaming
Webcam streaming refers to the continual transmission of audio and video through the use of a webcam that is connected to the internet. In webcam streams, content is sent in a compressed form over the internet and is displayed by the viewer in real-time. The quality and speed of the internet make up for the output quality. These days webcam streamings can be 4K, but this means you will have usage of 7-10 Gig per hour. Full HD cams are not as detailed as 4K but will do perfectly for a live cam site. The quality of the webcam streaming depends also on what kind of brand webcam you will use. In the live cam adult industry, the Logitech HD Webcam C920 is mentioned as one of the best.
A webmaster is a person that operates a website. On this website, he places content and probably some links. These can be links that are part of a referral program. Webmasters can become affiliates of a certain website when they sign up. Mostly the signup links for new webmasters are in the footer called “Webmasters” and those links lead to affiliate programs a webmaster can join. Affiliate programs provide also content for webmasters to help them to become successful affiliates. Webmasters can be female or male. They are always older than 18 and meet the proper requirements to own a domain name.