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Cam lingo, know your acronyms

The cam world is full of acronyms, abbreviations, and terminology that beginners might have trouble understanding. This is a list of things that are common (or not so common) and what it means. I'll be updating this with your new suggestions.


(*) ATM - Ass to mouth
(*) BBC - Big black cock
(*) CFNM - Clothed female naked male
(*) CMNF - Clothed male naked female
(*) Contortion - Being able to stretch in unusual positions, not ordinary people can achieve
(*) DP - Double penetration
(*) Fapping - Guy jerking off
(*) JOI - Jerk Off Instructions
(*) Split-camming - Splitting your video streaming to be able to broadcast to multiple cam sites at once
(*) Trolling - Being a prick on the internet because you can.
(*) VO - Voiceover


(*) Age Play - Pretending to be really young or old
(*) Animal Roleplay - Pretending to be an animal
(*) Bimbofication - Turning a sissy into the perfect bimbo.
(*) CBT - Cock & balls torture
(*) CEI - Cum Eating Instructions
(*) CP - Corporal punishment
(*) Cuckolding - Guys fetish seeing their unfaithful wives having sex with other guys
(*) Daddy's Princess - This is a unique hybrid fetish that covers both Daddy Doms/Littles and Sugar Daddy/Sugar baby communities. This is where a daddy dom gives his princess sugar baby an allowance once a week and gives him protection.
(*) Edgeplay - Fetish play that is very extreme including fireplay, knifeplay, etc...
(*) Femdom - Female Domination - Woman dominates sexual interaction
(*) Financial Domination - ( money pig, wallet rape, money slavery) fetish of financial slavery or to be dominated in a financial way
(*) Girl Next Door - She's the girl whom you always admired from afar and were afraid to approach, fearing that any erotic projection toward her would ruin her image as a decent, pure, and almost virginal womanly ideal.
(*) Golden Shower - urinating for sexual gratification
(*) Lactation - The secretion of milk from the mammary glands
(*) Panty slavery - Guys become addicted to a girl's panties and want to taste her juices through her panties. Usually, they also want to buy your panties as well.
(*) POV - Point of view (mostly refers to the camera. The girl or guy who is doing porn holds the camera him or herself, instead of a camera crew filming the action)
(*) Red Rose - For rectal prolapse
(*) Roman Showers - Vomit
(*) Scat/Brown showers - poo play
(*) Sharon Stone - You are in a skirt and open your legs for a second and close (like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct)
(*) SPH - Small penis humiliation
(*) Sploshing - A full-bodied food fetish

(*) Cash Master - Male Doms into Financial Domination.
(*) Jockstrap slavery - Subs love watching their favorite maledom in their jockstraps and want to taste them. They will also buy your dirty jockstraps.
(*) Sneaker fetish - These guys love worshipping male sneakers and will buy you sneakers. Cam Masters can also charge more to cum inside of the sneakers as well.
(*) Straight Jock domination - Straight fit men dominate gay guys.

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