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2 groups of cam clients/spenders

Why is someone browsing a cam site? If you find out the answer to this question every one of your visitors has then you are able to play the game and get as much as you want for doing as less as possible.

I have always said that guys, in this setting straight ones, are looking for a girlfriend experience. They are looking for a connection, one that is worthy to be reminded of.

But in the last 10 years, I have shifted a little my opinion and made room for a more mature view on this. There are now guys from a younger generation that have been educated with the information at hand. These people have discovered what moves them, what they like, and how to get it fast.

This new generation is easy to read and find, these are the people who made social media big, and photo and video sharing are normalized events. When you realize that this is a product of the new generation, then you should adapt to this and take a profit

So, this being said, I created above here 2 groups of clients, one group searching for the girlfriend experience, and one group that knows exactly what they want and knows how to get it.

When you want to reach both of these groups, you need to be one of those performers that know how to flirt online and make sure you send all your freeloading users to your social media and milk them for the additional statistical and promotional value they can mean for you!

Having a social media representation is the next step level thing to do for a model, but it should not be an obligation. It does however remains a fact that the new generation of spenders is searching for new flirts online through websites, social media platforms, and dating apps.

However, they might look for that same girlfriend experience feeling when you think about it.

For obvious reasons (time-related) I am keeping it with these 2 groups, in a soon-to-come post I will talk about the other groups.



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