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Flirt4Free Needs Models!

Webcam models wanted - Flirt4Free Needs You -  Start earning today
Submit your Live Cam Performer Application here.

Make money with your webcam

Our male and female live cam performers are enjoying working on our platform a lot. With more than 20 years of being in the Live Cam Business, we will make sure our models make lots of money, and still have to for their private life, traveling, studying, or taking care of your family. We have created a very complete and clear website for our Models, called Webcam4money. Here is where you will find all your tools, information, statistics, and much more. We want to emphasize that Anyone can be a model, and we are not making any differences in race or sexuality. Flirt4Free is modern and social! So sign up today and be the star you always wanted to be!  ;

To Sum it up!

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older with a valid photo ID.
  2. Have a computer (intel core i5 processor and 8GB RAM minimum) and a webcam.
  3. Have a good internet connection (500kbit uplink min.)
  4. Download and install our easy-to-use software.

What does it take to become a good model?

What a live cam model does, is entertain and interact with customers in a one-on-one or group format. Models who are new to camming should know that a big part of what a live cam model's job includes is the ability to connect with customers, be appealing, and have good video quality. What a live cam model does is ultimately up to the model themselves, but a successful model will give positive attention to customers, have an appealing and attractive persona, a great profile, and decent video quality.

We celebrate your success!

One of the major differences in our network over others is our dedication to our models and studios. We believe in the value of one-on-one interactions, and the invaluable insight gained from getting to really know our broadcasters. At our events in the past we've been able to host parties in different cities across the globe, and at our latest, seminars run by our staff on top of the usual networking and social events.

The last word from us

We really hope to make a lot of models very wealthy and rich. Although this is not for everyone the same, we do think everyone deserves the chance to make it. Our support team has wide and broad experience in model promotion and support. We are always ready to help you out and increase your revenue. Just let us know, contact us after you are an F4F model and we will show you how much we care!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Team Flirt4Free

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