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Livejasmin Affiliate Program

The Official Webmaster Program for Livejasmin is called AWEmpire.
Start your lucrative Partnership and start selling today!

In the industry since 2006, Livejasmin is Branded!

If you are a little more than a year in the live cam affiliate industry then this page is not going to tell you anything new. Livejasmin, one of the biggest live cam sites is by far one of the biggest in the world. Thousands of models doing the selling for you. So, I am not going to put a sales talk in here. I am just going to share with you some info on how it made money for other webmasters!

For every website a fitting tool.

First of all, Livejasmin offers free chat rooms, thousands at the same time, so traffic from the "Fast wank" kind of sites match perfectly, TUBE sites make thousands of dollars a day. They use the API TUBE tool, so they have thousands of videos every month with recorded shows of 5 minutes each. And it carries your affiliate code until the guy clicks the name and goes to her room and buys.

Unlimited Options when you can write creatively.

SEO People can do great with Jasmin too, the models themselves are not the best BIO writers, so you can add some additional value to their stage names. The same goes for Media Buyers, you can send targeted traffic to targeted niched cam rooms, ebony, fetish, MILFs, or some cute guys! They have it all. Higher conversion because of the deep linking options. And while you are at it, do it on a white/black label sub/domain. And keep people close to you

Your money is NEVER too late!

Payments are always on time, there is not a forum in the world that reports payment issues. The company pays like clockwork since 2006. And I can very well confirm from my own experiences, and knowledge, they have never been 1 day too late in 17 years. Never! Although, you don't have to believe me on my word, do some healthy research and you read the same everywhere. No Problems Ever!

Don't forget the Signup Bonus.

Besides the hundreds of tools and all the options to make money with them, they have always been a front runner on affiliate tools, they have an abundance of people with expertise helping the affiliates. There is always a partnership possibility whatever kind of website you manage. You get a signup bonus, but you have to make sales to get that one, and also within a certain amount of time. I never was a fan of those Small Letters in an agreement. But when you have the right traffic, you will make sales pretty fast, that is a fact.

We hope to see you soon on our platform


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